When a Death Occurs

When a death occurs, call us right away regardless of time of day or location.

One call is all you need to make. Our professional funeral directors serve as both advisers and agents, working with other professionals on your behalf to ensure that all details are addressed in a timely and professional manner, including:

Arizona Funeral Home

  • Transfer to the funeral home from the place of death, anywhere in the world
  • Forwarding of deceased for out-of-state (or country) burial
  • Coordinating vital statistics and obituary information with family
  • Obtaining death certificate from doctor or medical examiner, completing vital statistics information and filing with local registrar
  • Obtaining other legal authorizations for final disposition
  • Obtaining certified copies of death certificate
  • Contacting local and out-of-town newspapers and coordinating obituary and services information
  • Scheduling of services and visitations; perhaps a reception afterward to include catering arrangements and hospitality
  • Professionally licensed personnel to conduct services and visitations
  • Coordinating plans with clergy, church, or synagogue
  • Coordinating plans with the cemetery
  • Notifying Social Security; applying for veterans’ benefits
  • Assistance with life insurance claims, etc.

We are dedicated to support each family we serve as if they were our own.  We work hard to provide the finest service and support in your time of loss.

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